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Ht: 5' 10"
Wt: 195
Hometown: La Crosse, WI
                     (Billed from:
Red Bank, NJ)
Favorite Moves:
D-roc Drop
Fallaway Slam
Trained By:
Ace Spade
Also attended camps and recieved pointers from:
Red Lightning
Ian Xavier
David Bonner
Steve Stardom
Frankie De Falco
Promotions Worked For:
New Age Wrestling (SE MN & SW WI)
National Federation of Wrestling (North WI)
Wisconsin Pro Wrestling (South WI)
Bull Power Wrestling (South WI)
Minnesota Championship Wrestling (St. Paul, MN)
Great Lakes Championship Wrestling (SE WI)
American Revolution Wrestling (South WI)
Northern Lights Wrestling (Twin Cities, MN)
Independant Wrestling International (North WI)
Fire Storm Wrestling (North WI)
Hammerlock Pro Wrestling (Central IL)
PowerHouse Pro Wrestling (SE WI)
All American Wrestling (Central WI)
Championship Independant Wrestling Alliance (Central WI)
North American Wrestling Federation (SE WI)
Titles Held:
N.A.W. US Title  (2/11/06 - 3/18/06)
A.R.W. Tag Team Title (w/ Josh Calisto) (6/16/06 - 8/12/06)
N.A.W. Tag Team Title (w/ Josh Calisto) (6/30/07 - 8/25/07)
N.F.W. Tag Team Title (w/ Josh Calisto) (9/8/07 - 12/14/08)
N.A.W. Television Title (5/24/08 - 6/14/08)
W.P.W. United States Title (7/12/08 - 7/25/09) *Title retired while D-roc is champion
N.A.W. Tag Team Title (w/ Mountain Man Mike) (10/18/08 - 4/18/09)
P.H.P.W. Tag Team Titles (w/ Josh Calisto) (5/16/09 - 8/8/09) *Title stripped when Calisto is injured and Stable #12 is unable to defend
N.A.W. Television Championship (6/13/09 - Present)
W.P.W. Lightheavyweight Champion (7/25/09 - Present) *Title awarded to D-roc
P.H.P.W. television Champion (8/8/09 - Present)

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