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Favorite Matches

Favorite Matches

A look back at some of my favorite matches.

D-roc's Top 5 Matches

1. D-roc vs. Red Lightning
New Age Wrestling
Arcadia, WI
October 27th, 2007

2. D-roc vs. David Bonner
PowerHouse Pro Wrestling
Hayward, WI
July 5, 2009

3. D-roc vs. Ken Kato
North American Wrestling Federation
Whitewater, WI
January 24th, 2009

4. Stable #12 (D-roc & Josh Calisto) vs. Freak & Geek Squad (Ace Spade & Butch Davis)
Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the NAW Tag Team Titles
New Age Wrestling at Onalaska Sunfish Days
May 28th, 2007

5. D-roc vs. Josh Calisto
New Age Wrestling
Arcadia, WI
Oct. 29th, 2005


Favorite Events

1. New Age Wrestling - The Westby Rumble - Feb 11th 2006

2. Powerhouse Pro Wrestling - Hartford, WI - July 4, 2009

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